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Cemetery FAQ's

Does the cemetery offer an escort to the gravesite*?

• Yes, in certain conditions. If your loved one has been buried for less than one calendar year, we will provide free escort or flagging of the gravesite. However, if the burial site is over one year old a $25.00 flagging fee must be provided by the next of kin. *Weather Permitting.

My family owns a deeded space at Mount Glenwood, are there other costs associated with the burial?

• Answer-Yes. Additional costs to consider are Opening and Closing costs, Outer Burial Containers, Memorials, Weekend Overtime, etc. Make your arrangements ahead of time - it is protection you are guaranteed to use!

Pre-Arrangement FAQ's

Does Mount Glenwood offer a payment plan on pre-arranged burial arrangements?

• Answer-Yes. You can freeze today's price and avoid future inflation by pre-arrangements. In addition, you can select your family plot and reserve it for future needs. We offer NO INTEREST financing with NO CREDIT CHECK.

Does the burial cost "freeze" or "lock-in" at the time of purchase?

• Answer-Yes. This is one of the biggest advantages of pre-arranging your family's needs.

Memorial (Headstone) FAQ's

Does Mount Glenwood offer a payment plan for memorials?

• Answer-Yes. We offer NO INTEREST financing with NO CREDIT CHECK. Based on general customer records, the average monthly payment is less than $50.00 a month.

My marker has been damaged. Will the cemetery replace it?

• Answer-Yes, if you purchase the memorial from the cemetery, we will guarantee the memorial for 10 years. Remember, memorials are personal property which can be on you home owners insurance for protection.

Can an upright monument be purchased for our family member?

• Answer-No, unfortunately, we do not allow upright monuments (since the 1970's), due to maintenance and protection.

Can we put our homemade memorial at the gravesite until we can provide a cemetery approved memorial?

• Answer-No, due to cemetery rules and regulations, no “homemade” memorials are allowed into the cemetery.

Are customers allowed to purchase memorials from outside vendors?

• Answer-Of course you can, but keep in mind, outside monument dealers do not guarantee their memorials once they leave the production line. In addition, the quality of rock, size of granite base and type of granite will vary. You are getting top-of-the-line quality at Mount Glenwood Memory Gardens.

Does base "thickness" effect the longevity of the memorial?

• Answer-Yes. Other monument companies only manufacture 2 inch or 3 inch granite bases. Mount Glenwood provides our customers with the full 4 inches of base thickness, providing the quality that will last for years to come.

Are there any type of setting or installation fees?

• Answer- Yes. As with all cemeteries, there are setting/installation fees for your memorials. Please contact us for more details on installation fees.

Frequently Asked Questions